Office of the Vice Chancellor

Noble Mrs. Evelyn Danso Abbeam

Abbeam Institute of Technology has developed and grown substantially over the past years and its strategic positioning has now entered a new phase. The Institute has transitioned from a University, striving towards ambitious targets of student number for its educational programs to one that is comprehensively embedding excellence in its students.

Our graduates are smart, collaborative and entrepreneurial. We give our students opportunities to develop our “New Thinking” mindset through our affiliations with international Universities and organisations around the world such as Cambridge International College that allow students to study overseas courses and participate in international study programs here in Ghana.

Our New Thinking philosophy challenges our students with the ideas of making a difference in the communities, through the nurturing of innovative and creative visions to generate jobs and open new business opportunities.

Our students undertake voluntary and internship programs to bridge the gap between the industry and academic curricular, to gain practical experience in their field of study.

Abbeam Institute of Technology is still a young university by standards, but we are a strong and dynamic community which has always embraced and celebrated cultural diversity. Through the growing excellence of our students and facilitators, we are making a distinctive contribution to all communities, our nation and the global world

The Rev. Dr. Abbeam Ampomah Danso Scholarship Scheme which commenced in 2017, has made a real difference to the lives of brilliant but needy people, including our Indigenous students and those from rural and regional areas, also others for whom the cost of education presents an impossible barrier to accessing the benefits of a tertiary education.

Enrol to unlock your potential of greatness, empower yourself to make a difference in the world.

All of us can be the next generational thinkers by enrolling with Abbeam Institute of Technology. At Abbeam, “you can not suppress us”

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